Olympia Invitational Rhythmic Gymnastics


Olympia Rhythmic Gymnastics Club held an invitational competition at Lincoln Events Centre over the weekend.

A lot of very impressive performances from lots of girls, topped off for me by my daughter coming a creditable third from twenty in her first competition after two years of earthquake disruption.

From a photography point of view, the lighting in the Lincoln Events Centre was actually pretty good. I’ve shot previous gymnastic events where the lighting (sodium vapour?) was changing with the AC phase of the electrical supply which, at times, was causing white-balance shifts within each image due to the use of rolling shutters in modern DSLRs.  One suggestion to counter these shifts would be to shoot slower than the frequency of the electrical supply (i.e. slower than 1/50) thereby endeavouring to get the full range of colour from the lights across one complete phase.  However, that’s not really an option for gymnastics, and it was a relief not to have to deal with this time.